The inception of the SIFF Scholars program finally took place in May 2017 with 19 talented children forming the first batch of SIFF Scholars.
Asgar loves to invent things and his dream career is to start his own venture. Ability to work in a team is his greatest strength.
Tulasi enjoys dancing and is a good athlete. Her dream is to become an IAS officer. She loves making new friends. Knowing how to collaborate is the outcome of her learnings at SIFF.
Manasa has a soft spot for animals and the environment. She aspires to become an astronaut in the future. Speaking up for herself is one of her learnings at SIFF.
Manisha dreams of becoming an IAS officer. She loves playing football which is probably why her key takeaway from SIFF has been teamwork.
Anshu feels strongly about women’s safety and equality. He aspires to be an inventor in the future.
Dinesh enjoys teaching little children. He is against substance abuse. He loves meeting new people.
Deepak dreams of being a Biologist. He loves animals and preaches cleanliness. SIFF has taught him about how learning can be fun.
Bindu wants to be a Lawyer. She loves taking part in competitions. Learning how to focus is her key takeaway from SIFF
Deekshit dreams of becoming a football player. He loves people’s company and his learning from SIFF is about generating ideas through teamwork.
Dilruba is a voracious reader and aspires to become an Archaeologist. Knowledge counts over marks is her learning from SIFF.
Hemanth M G wants to join the Army. His learning at SIFF is that education can be fun when children are given the liberty to be themselves.
Sripriya aims to be a doctor. She enjoys academics and pollution of any kind disturbs her. Her key learning from SIFF has been team participation.
Kishan enjoys tinkering with tools. He aims to become a Mechanical Engineer.
Hemanth G loves to keep his surroundings clean. He wants to become a Cardiologist. Importance of going beyond textbooks to learn new things is one of his key takeaways from SIFF.
Muslima enjoys art. She loves a clean environment and aims to become a doctor. Patience and collaboration are her key learnings from SIFF.
Nishchay aspires to become a Scientist. He is against tobacco and alcohol consumption. He thinks group learning helps him learn better.
Saif loves to play cricket. He wishes to work as a Software Engineer. He believes helping each other makes learning better.
Riza dreams of becoming a Surgeon. She is all about cleanliness and the importance of knowing ourselves better is her learning from SIFF.
Abhi wishes to become a Scientist. He loves to sing and design things. He has learnt to make a difference to the environment in his own way.

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We are looking for talented 5th graders to be a part of the SIFF Scholars 2018-19’ batch. If you are an educator, a parent or someone who wants to help, do get in touch with us to refer a student you know. The last date of submission is March 15th, 2018.

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